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Not every home is the dream home that we thought it would be when we bought the home. As a company that buys houses professionally, we’ve seen a lot. Some homes had hidden issues that absolutely no one could have predicted. Some homes can simply be inconvenient or even the wrong size. Over time you may find that the home you once loved, is now simply too much hassle. We have a few ways to look at your home objectively and determine if the home is just more trouble than it’s worth. 

Property taxes can rise depending on where you live, market fluctuations, or other various factors. This means that the money you pay monthly has increased over time instead of decreased. Your income may no longer be able to afford the taxes or other associated home fees. It may simply be too expensive to own your property with things like taxes, or even HOA fees. 

Repairs are also something that can affect your ability or desire to continue living in your home. Constantly repairing or updating an older home can be exhausting, both physically and financially. If you’re starting to get behind on payments due to mounting repair bills, then it may be time to move along. If there are serious issues like major plumbing work, foundation issues, maybe even roofing, then you can instead decide to sell instead of trying to handle the repairs yourself. 

Separate from repairs, you have the general maintenance for the home. Everyone wants a massive yard until you have to mow the yard. If you’re not physically able to keep up with the yard maintenance for whatever reason you have to hire someone else to take care of the lawn. This can be an expense you never planned for when deciding to move into your home. Other responsibilities or issues can also mean that you simply don’t have the time you would be required to devote to upkeep and maintenance. All of these things can lead to you deciding that you need to sell rather than wear yourself out trying to keep up. 

Another thing to consider is whether it may be time to change the physical size of the home. If you bought your house when you were first starting your family, your family could have rapidly outgrown the home you have. There may not be enough bedrooms, or rooms in general, to support the family you have now. On the other hand, if you bought a house for the size of the family you had at the time, and now need less space; it may be time to move. 

Last, if you had bought a home with the intention of renting the property, but now you’re finding that you can’t find a qualified renter, or the property is no longer being sought after, then it may also be time to sell. Desirable locations for renters change constantly and if you’re having trouble keeping up with that retinal property it may be best to cut your losses and sell the home instead.
If you find yourself in any of these circumstances, and are looking for a company that buys houses locally, contact us today! We’re ready to help, and can close super fast.

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