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If you’re having trouble selling your home, we may be able to help. You might have listed the home for sale and have received little, or no, offers. Maybe you’re worried you won’t get any bites when you go to list the home for the first time. We buy houses in ​​Sioux Falls, but we also have a few things here that can help you with the sale of your home overall. 

It’s true that we all want top dollar for our homes. It is also possible to list your home for too much money. This means that your home will likely not sell. It’s really hard to sell a home for more than what it’s realistically worth. However, lowering the price can also hurt the likelihood that the home would sell. Every time you lower the price on a home it shows on the listing and this can have a negative effect on the listing. 

First, you can decide to take the listing down and wait for a little while before trying to sell it again. It could be that it’s currently just a bad time to sell in your area. Maybe there are other things you can do in the meantime to help sell your home. Selling during winter months or holidays are also generally a bad time for home sales. 

You can choose to rent your home rather than selling the home. If you’ve already purchased another home and are having trouble with your current home selling, then renting the home may be better for you. You can list the rental for slightly more than the current mortgage and have better luck that way. It can often be easier to find a renter who will qualify rather than a home buyer who will qualify for a purchase.

If renting isn’t attractive but you want something that’s a little easier for others to qualify for, then perhaps you can offer a lease to own option. Using this option means that you rent the home to someone with the option that they will purchase the home before the rental period is over. This allows the renter to save up a little more for a larger down payment which will help them qualify for a home loan. This also means that you can add a lease premium to rent that can either qualify as a down payment or keep the extra funds as income. 

Last option that we want to bring up is the option to perform a short sale for the home. If you currently owe more than the home is worth then the option for a Short Sale can help you instead sell the home rather than face foreclosure. You will need to discuss this option with your lender but it may be better for your Lender to have you Short Sale the home and they keep the proceeds rather than going through foreclosure on the home. While we do buy houses for cash in Sioux Falls, we want to be sure that you do so with the most information available to you. Solid Rock Properties has helped homeowners in all kinds of situations get their homes sold, so feel free to contact us if you’d like to learn more about how we can help you!

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