Selling a home “as is” in Sioux Falls

If you own your home and are interested in selling the home as is, we have a few tips that you might want to know. Most people don’t sell many homes in their lifetime and that can mean that a lot of us don’t know what we’re getting into when we decide to sell. This can make the process seem extremely complicated. Hopefully the tips we have for you can help you sell your home as is. 

First thing you want to consider is the current state of the home. Not every home is “move in ready” and this means that there may be repairs or updates needed on the home. Renovations and repairs can eat up a lot of time and money depending on how much is needed. A fresh coat of paint can go a long way to help you sell your home and can be done in a weekend with some hard work. This work has a direct correlation to the success of the sale of the home, and can get you a little more out of an as is offer. Most buyers aren’t interested in buying a home they know they need to work on immediately after buying the home. Solid Rock Properties buys homes in as is condition all of the time! No painting required. 

Another option you have is to skip the traditional sales process entirely. If your home isn’t selling, or you’re worried about the state of the home, you can choose instead to sell your home to a cash home buyer (like us!). These professionals are experts in buying homes that need work in order to either flip the home for profit or rent the home out. If you don’t have the time to wait or the money to fix a major repair that’s needed, selling the home as is to a cash home buyer can be the best option for you. They will inspect the home and make the best offer they can on the home. 

Other things you will need to do is to make sure that you have all of the information about the appliances that are currently in the home. If you plan to leave behind any appliances, as well as things like water heaters or AC units, then you need to leave all of the information you have about them. Installation dates, warranty information, and other miscellaneous details can all be necessary to provide to a new buyer on the home. Having all of this information readily available and in a set place prior to the sale can save you a lot of time and effort in the long run. 

The last step is just coming up with a plan of action. If you want to sell the home on the open market, or perhaps you feel like a home buyer is better suited to you, or maybe even you’ve decided that you no longer want to sell. Whatever your choice you need to be sure that your choice is the right one for you. Be sure to consider all options and know your situation prior to making a major decision like selling your home. Also, be sure that you research who you are working with. Assuming you’ve decided to sell the home, make sure you check into the person you’re planning to work with and make sure that you’re comfortable. You can check us out on our site here, or view some of our Google reviews here.

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